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Conscious Co-Creation with Crystals

November 15, 2018 By Robert Burlinson
Communicating with consciousness for Healing

Each Crystal carries a frequency

Crystals in themselves are neutral, neither good nor bad. Each crystal carries a frequency
or vibration that needs to be understood and respected in order to work safely. Likewise, every crystal has a place within the Divine scheme of things, and knows what it is here to do. Humanity, however, is not neutral. We carry the polarity of working with light or dark and with our free will we can choose to work with crystals for the highest good or not. Crystals can be used to create amazing change on the planet for the better, but they can also be sadly misused, either knowingly or through lack of awareness. This is why it is so important to communicate with the crystals, to get to know them from within, and then use their energies appropriately.

Long ago, in another time, we knew very well how to work with the mineral kingdom. It is said we were so in tune with the power of crystals that we could harness their energy to power cities, cure ailments, and power flying crafts. Unfortunately, humankind abused this knowledge and after a golden age, there was a great fall. We no longer worked with crystals for the highest good, but for selfish ends instead. Crystals were used to control others, for personal gain, and for dubious scientific reasons. Of course, straying from ‘the Divine plan’ can only go on for so long. This civilisation sank beneath the sea, but not before important knowledge which would otherwise be lost forever was stored within certain crystals, which would only be discovered when humankind was ready to handle this information wisely. It is said that time is now (as long as modern humans can avoid the same fate as our ancient ancestors!).

Many may dismiss these events as fantasy, and believe that crystals and the mineral kingdom have no powers of their own for healing or helping with self-development or anything else. However, one only needs to look at our own technology to understand we are already once again beginning to harness the properties of crystals to help humanity

Amplify the light

Quartz watches tell time by utilising the knowledge that quartz crystals oscillate at a precise number of times per second. Crystals such as garnets and sapphires are used within lasers to focus and amplify the light. Copper (a crystal) is used widely due to its excellent conduction of heat and electricity. Many of you could be reading this article right now on an LCD screen, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display, where liquid crystals rotate polarised light. Furthermore, the whole of our modern technology is founded upon the use of silicon to make processor chips (which is sourced from crystaline silicate material in the earth’s crust). Despite this, the idea that crystals can be used for healing, or to help us, is still not really taken seriously. Yet we now know we are merely a collection of atoms (which themselves are full of mostly empty space) existing within a sea of energy and just because most of us do not see the energy of a crystal interacting with our biomagnetic field does not mean this is not happening. We are surrounded by frequencies that affect us positively and negatively, from radio waves, microwaves, mobile phone masts to radiation. We cannot see them, yet we know they are real because we are able to pick up the frequencies on a radio, use our phone, or cook food with them. In the same way, crystals give off frequencies that interact with our own energy field.

The big difference between the energy of a crystal and that of ourselves is that our own energy field is constantly in a state of flux depending on what we are experiencing (an argument, a romantic relationship, or just eating some cake!).

A crystal’s energy field, however, is constant; Rose Quartz is always Rose Quartz and will always carry a nurturing, safe and kind vibration. By introducing this stable frequency into our own fluctuating energy field, we begin to resonate with this vibration and our own energy field changes as we also begin to feel more nurtured and safe. If we have just had an argument, Rose Quartz, which helps to ‘open the heart’ may then be a good one to have with us and can help us to feel more accepting and release any blocked emotion. I have done many talks and workshops where after holding Rose Quartz someone has shed a few tears.


The only time a crystal may cause us problems is if it has not been cleansed properly someone else has put a wayward programme into it, or the crystal appears to have a detrimental affect because we are unaware of how to work with its frequency. A classic example is when someone who is already hyperactive carries Clear Quartz with them. This crystal will energise and amplify, so it will make them even more hyper! Instead, they would benefit from something calming like Blue Lace Agate, or grounding and slower in energy, like a Jasper. On a recent visit to the Findhorn Foundation I left crystals out for participants to experience. One of these was Celestite, which although a deceptively beautiful blue, has a very high, fast, and potent vibration. I noticed a few people lying down with the Celestite bathing in its energy. The following morning there were various remarks at breakfast from those who had held it that they had been unable to sleep as they had found themselves so ‘buzzing’.


I do sometimes think I should leave a little caution sticker over some crystals!

Not only can we tune into a crystal to discover what its properties are, but also why it has come to us, how best to use it, or even where to place it in our house. Crystals do have consciousness, just a different type to ours. They also have their own evolutionary path. They are living beings. They form and grow over millions of years, and have the most regular repeating structure in the whole of nature. It is said they were the first kingdom to exist upon planet Earth, anchoring the light here through structure so that all the other kingdoms could follow. They also belong to ‘families’ (such as the quartz or tourmaline families) and to specific geometric systems (for example some crystals, like Fluorite, are cubic, whereas others are hexagonal like Aquamarine). All of this has an influence on their energetic properties.

Working with crystals

We can work with crystals to help us with everything from the most mundane task to the most profound. Hematite can help with jet lag. Amethyst under the pillow will give you a peaceful sleep. Black Tourmaline can absorb harmful emanations from computers and mobile phones. Clear Quartz is good to help keep the mind focussed and clear in exams. When I was training as a counsellor many years ago I took a piece of Clear Quartz to an exam where I had to counsel someone in front of a panel, and I was astounded at how clear-headed and focussed I was. I got top marks. This had never happened before and I felt a little guilty afterwards, and wondered if my crystal should become qualified as the therapist and not me! Some crystals aid ‘going within’ and help deepen meditations. Amethyst, Lapis, and Fluorite are all good for this purpose, and some crystals can also help strengthen our awareness of our guidance and connection to higher realms and to the light. There are crystals that can help address issues of our shadow (such as Obsidian) as well as crystals that can help heal ancestral patterns (such as Turquoise) or remember ancient wisdom (Lapis Lazuli). Whatever you can think of, there is a crystal that can help. Crystals are tools that can greatly speed up our development. Ultimately, to work with the mineral kingdom seriously is to embark on one of the paths to ‘enlightenment’; to clear our unconscious so we are free of the wheel of karma. However you choose to work with the mineral kingdom, please do so in the spirit of conscious co-creation and respect of each crystal’s properties and purpose!
Author Robert Burlinson

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