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Caroline Myss: Fearless Truth-Teller [Videos]

June 21, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss’ fearless truth-telling has drawn millions of people from around the world to read her books and engage with her teaching.

Caroline has explored spiritual frontiers for decades. Her sharp wit, direct style and originality have attracted people from around the world.

She has also been a close friend of the Findhorn Foundation for many years. (And as you will see in the second video, a fan of Findhorn’s Phoenix Café!) I was fortunate enough to be able to interview her in connection with our upcoming Co-Creative Spirituality conference. She surprised  her experiences with non-physical beings and I appreciated her courage in being open about them. I believe when courageous people sharing their insights into the subtle worlds like she has done, we start thinning the veils and making it possible for others to accept and integrate their own experiences. Also, this kind of openness can lead others to open in their own ways to new possibilities.

In celebration of our friendship, here are two videos, one of a hugely successful TEDx talk she gave at Findhorn and the other of an interview about non-physical beings.




Learn More

To learn more about Caroline’s work, see her website.

To learn more about Findhorn’s practice of Co-Creative Spirituality, see here.

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