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A Bird’s-eye View of the Findhorn Ecovillage

December 20, 2016 By Geoff Dalglish
Ecovillage Original Caravan

Ever wondered what the Findhorn Foundation community and Ecovillage might look like to the migratory birds that soar overhead on their annual pilgrimage to nearby Findhorn Bay?

Or perhaps you’ve simply yearned to grow wings and take to the skies for a new and bigger perspective on life?

Well thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of video editor, producer and cameraman Paul Izzard we can now take a two-minute flip over The Park that is home to the pioneering Ecovillage, spiritual community and centre of learning.

Cameraman Paul Izzard filming outside the Main Sanctuary in Findhorn Ecovillage

Cameraman Paul Izzard filming outside the Main Sanctuary

Our flight starts in a farm field near the Soillse Eco housing community within the community and includes an aerial view of celebrated icons like the Findhorn Wind Park, the Field of Dreams, Community Centre and Universal Hall before landing in the Original Garden where it all began when the founders parked their caravan there on 17 November 1962.

Then they were greeted by an uninviting and wintry dunescape alongside a rubbish dump. The site within the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park was notably devoid of trees, birds and flowers, whereas today it is a lush celebration of the possibilities of co-creation with nature.

What Findhorn brings to the human spirit is the possibility of flight!Neale Donald Walsch, author and spiritual teacher

Paul Izzard Drone Use

Paul Izzard captured his stunning footage using a remote-controlled drone during filming for a forthcoming CNBC TV documentary that looks at people choosing greener lifestyles as a way to reduce their ecological footprint. He interviewed community members Galen Fulford and Lisa Shaw, Michael and Gail Shaw and Duncan Easter.

“I really enjoyed my visit and everybody was wonderful,” he said. “It certainly made me think about the mad life I lead in the rat race of London, and I was quite envious of the more peaceful lifestyle.”

Click on the image below to enjoy the flight!

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