STORY — Answering the Call of the Elementals

This Earth day, we take a glimpse into the unseen magical world of the elementals and how they are connected with humankind.

Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

This Earth day, we take a glimpse into the unseen magical world of the elementals and how they are connected with humankind.

Taken from chapter 13 of Thomas Mayer’s book, Answering the Call of the Elementals, he reveals how he learned to develop his sense of perception and other supersensible abilities to make direct personal contact with the unseen world of the elementals. He shares his experiences with different elementals like fairies, dwarfs, and giants as well as the elemental world’s urgent call for help.

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

It is just after eleven at night. The musicians begin their last piece. I no longer concentrate on my elemental companions, but lean back and relax into the sounds of Bach.

I do not even notice how it starts, but all of a sudden, I am in the middle of it. The elemental kings are in the church. I feel surrounded by them and remember our contact being cut off on the way here in the car. Yes, now I am open for the meeting.

If I am seeing it properly, the leading earth, water, fire, air, and light beings are present. Very quickly they get to the point–not in words, but in wordless thoughts and impulses. They are very worried, and I learn the following: The mood is shifting, and morale is sinking. The nature elemental beings of the earth are very disappointed with us humans and feel abandoned. The situation is dire. The elemental kings can no longer tell their entourage that everything will be well.

A group of nature elementals is still missing: the Christ elementals. I ask if we should not wait until the representative of the Christ elementals comes? Immediately there is an added nuance, a mildness and goodness full of strength and confidence. This means to me that a representative of the Christ elementals has now joined the discussion.

Suddenly, there is a change in mood. The situation is serious. Everyone is doing what they can. Let us see what we can do practically to bring this situation back into balance. From an accusation we have moved on to the search for solutions.

I try to clarify what this is all about and think the following: The little elementals don’t care much about contact with humans. The big ones are sovereign and oversee long periods of time. There should be no problem with these two groups. But the middle-sized elementals are not as stable, since they do not have such a broad perspective and simply feel disregarded. The appearance of the Christ elementals around the turn of the century has raised the confidence of the elementals quite a bit. Presumably, this pool is now used up and needs new deeds to satisfy the impatient middle-sized elementals. But why is it not possible for the leading elementals to show the middle-sized ones the connections and time perspectives? Why have I not noticed any of this excitement in my own elemental contacts?

But this is no longer the theme. There is no feedback as to whether I have understood this correctly or not. There are no answers to these questions.

It is now simply the question of what one can still do; specifically, what I can do. I can no longer distinguish what comes from whom, but to me it seem as though the elemental kings chime in together.

The serious desire to do something has to be stimulated in human beings, they say. If for instance, I call the book I have been working on “How to Experience Elemental Beings,” this would be nice but sounds almost like a hobby akin to “How to Learn to Climb.” This would not communicate the disregard the elementals feel. The point is to muster a strong desire to respect the elemental beings. I have objections. Human beings have a hard time experiencing elemental beings.

They get in their own way mentally. Even if they have clear experiences, people have untold mental tricks to not believe in themselves. It takes a long time, years or decades, to dismantle this, even with good will. This is my experience. As long as you have no experience of the elementals, the desire to come to their aid cannot arise. How can you stand up for something you have no experience of?

To this they reply: Only if there is love for the elementals and people decide to stand up for the elementals will they be able to perceive them. The will to do so comes first. Without this will, one will never free oneself of the mental and emotional blockages.

This convinces me, but the human will is free. Everyone has to develop their own will. You can do nothing from the outside in this regard.

This is true and needs to be reckoned with, they say. But I could simply describe my own will and, thereby, give people the idea that you can will yourself to stand up for elemental beings.

Of course, I could come out more clearly in this regard but that would push me ever more left field. If you speak about elemental beings, many people look at you askance. Not only is there discrimination against elemental beings but there is discrimination against anyone with supersensible experiences.

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