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How to Work with Angels of Qualities [Exercise]

July 2, 2018 By Thomas Miller
angels of qualities

I sat, sweating slightly, in Cluny sanctuary.

Members of Findhorn Foundation work departments had come to welcome the new group of apprentices after the completion of their initial training, and the sanctuary was packed. We had finished singing and the ceremony of completion had come to a point of stillness.

“Let’s speak out the qualities you’d like to bless them with.” The ceremony leader’s voice sounded in the waiting silence.

Someone spoke a word, and then I felt an impulse rising quickly, almost impulsively, within me. “Courage” I said. My voice sounded loud and definitive, as if embodying the quality. Then others spoke words into the sunlit sanctuary: “Balance,” “Humour,” “Light”. At the end we became still again, and the apprentices sat still in the centre of the room, as if absorbing the qualities that people had blessed them with. At this point I had a sensation that the air was thicker, somehow, and the light was falling differently.

What had actually happened in this simple ritual?

We had worked co-creatively with angels of qualities, something people in the Findhorn Foundation have made part of their daily life.

angels of qualities

Angels from the Park Sanctuary window


Life’s Conscious Dimensions

Work with angels of qualities taps into the unseen dimensions of life – the underlying reality that shapes what happens on physical levels. Different metaphysical belief systems have looked at this dimension in different ways, but with essential similarities. For example, Plato taught that archetypal ideas shaped physical reality, while the western esoteric tradition taught that spiritual hierarchies shape all life and forms manifested on Earth. These and other spiritual traditions teach that an underlying consciousness (not dead matter and random chance) is what creates, sustains and continually reshapes our world.

Dorothy Maclean, one of the founders of the Findhorn Foundation, discovered she could make contact with what she called the ‘devas’ of plants. These are the non-physical beings that hold plant forms and guide their growth. Describing them as beings can give some idea about them but can also be misleading. They are intelligences and we can interact with them. However, Dorothy was always careful not to humanise them, noting that they were vast presences beyond human scope. She characterises them as absolutely pure, holding the form of a plant as an expression of the sacred.

Angels of Qualities

Angels of qualities are similar, but instead of holding a plant’s form, they hold a quality of consciousness. These are qualities like courage, humility, tenderness or humour. Angels of qualities, when they combine with the essences of plants, planets and other beings, shape the building blocks of our physical surroundings.

We can work consciously with them. For example when Findhorn gardeners take a moment to connect inwardly with the quality of love as they plant seeds, they are helping to weave the quality of love into the fabric of the garden. And generations of people and other beings working consciously in this way have helped create a tangible atmosphere at Findhorn that helps thin the boundaries between us and the unseen dimensions of life.

Exercise: Working with Angels of Qualities

Angels of qualities

Angel cards used in a Findhorn workshop

You can easily work with angels of qualities in your daily tasks. This core Findhorn Foundation practice is simple and you may be surprised how deep it can go.

Try this before a work shift, meeting someone, being with family or any other activity. The steps below are my personal way to work with angels of qualities. In the end the best way is probably the one you find for yourself, but this might help you get a start.

  • Pick a positive quality you would like to work with. Some examples are courage, joy, acceptance and humour.
  • Find a place where you can be alone for a few moments. Let your breath deepen. Relax your body.
  • Then invite the quality to connect with you and notice how you feel. What is different in you when you begin to embody joy or openness or relaxation? Feelings, sensations, words, images and thoughts may come up as you make contact with this essence. If they do, just notice them.
  • Breathe deeply and allow the sensations and the quality to expand within you. Stay with it for a few moments.
  • Now see if you can embody this quality in your activity. If you forget, you can always take a second or two to bring back the felt sense of it.
  • If something happens you would normally react to, take a moment to playfully reconnect with the quality and let it help you find a different response.
  • At the end of the activity take a moment to review what happened.
  • Finally, thank the quality and release it. Notice if something feels different when you do.

This practice and others like it are a reminder that working with the Earth’s spiritual and subtle dimensions does not have to be difficult, complex or esoteric. In fact, as Findhorn has helped me and thousands of others learn, perhaps the best way to bring spirit and matter together is through the course of everyday life.

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