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Baby won’t stop crying? Ask the Nature Spirits!

Words by Kate Waring

When Kate Waring couldn’t get her baby to stop crying, she discovered there’s an alternative way to help her sleep – by calling on the unseen.

Kate and baby Abi in the woods
Path through the woods next to The Park

A bumpy pram ride always used to lull my baby Abi to sleep, so when she was small I used to walk this track in the woods at The Park almost every day.

There was one particular morning though when nothing seemed to settle her. She was crying and I was on the verge of sleep-deprived tears too. I felt at my wits end and in desperation said out loud, ‘Please can somebody help me?’ There was nobody in sight so it felt like a pointless gesture, and in that moment I felt very alone.

To my great surprise – and within seconds of my plea – Abi suddenly stopped crying. She turned her head to the left and appeared to be looking at something really intently in her pram. Her attention had definitely been captured by something, but what seemed plain as day to her was invisible to me.

A few moments later she was fast asleep and the atmosphere around us had changed entirely. The highly charged and distressing feelings disappeared and left us surrounded by a feeling of calm and peace; it felt almost womb-like.

The forest of trees behind Pineridge, a place in nature at Findhorn.

It all happened so quickly and with such apparent synchronicity that I can only imagine we weren’t alone at all. Even though I couldn’t see whoever it was that had leapt into her pram and helped to soothe Abi to sleep I could feel their presence. I know that my short prayer for help had been answered by the unseen woodland nature spirits.

I also felt significantly better, more awake and with renewed energy and so I paused to say thank you to them out loud and strolled on with my now deeply sleeping baby.

Later that day I asked Ash from Park Garden if there was a particular way to thank the nature spirits for their help. She advised me to leave a small offering. So the next day I left three raspberries in the spot where our unseen help had literally leapt into the pram to our rescue.

Our woodland walks nowadays are even more interactive as Abi is now walking confidently. It’s very clear that while I can’t see the nature beings, Abi definitely can. So I pay extra attention to how she interacts and always say hello when it’s clear we are not alone. I’ve asked them for help many times since and have always been answered.

Children are undeniably born with an incredible ability to connect to both the seen and unseen. I am under no illusion that I am here to teach Abi but rather to be a loving guardian who safeguards her ability to retain the natural gifts she has brought with her into this world.

So I watch and learn as she effortlessly navigates the world using senses that are untouched by programming and conditioning. Through Abi I’m learning to trust my feelings so much more and even though I can’t see nature spirits, I’m now so much more aware of them thanks to her.

I’ve made a promise that I will always encourage her to look for and see that which other people can’t see, whether that is nature spirits, solutions to problems or simple recognition of the immense beauty in the world.

With love and co-creation with the woodland nature spirits,
Kate x

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