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The Spirit of Findhorn – Our Spiritual Ecosystem

July 4, 2018 By William Bloom
subtle realms - angels of qualities

The spirit of Findhorn. What do we mean by this? We mean that there is some kind of mythical and energetic being, some essence, which is at the very core of the place. This spirit of Findhorn can equally be called the ‘over-lighting angel’ of the place. In tribal societies, in classical Rome and Athens, there was no problem about … read more

Easter Talks 2018: William Bloom [Video]

April 2, 2018 By William Bloom
Dr William Bloom

  William Bloom is Britain’s leading mind-body-spirit educator and author of a number of books on spirituality and the unseen realms, including The Power of Modern Spirituality, Psychic Protection and Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits. He is also a close friend of the Findhorn Foundation, having spent years … read more

New Year’s Resolutions and the Cosmic Balance

January 8, 2018 By William Bloom
New Year's Resolution

Ninety per cent of New Year’s resolutions fail. People look forward into their lives and commit to change. Unfortunately the vast majority are sucked back into old behaviours. Little do people know that their failures are part of a grand psychological and cosmic drama.   January the first month of the New Year is named after Janus … read more

Self-Care & Spiritual Practice: How the Inner Smile Supports Your Health

June 8, 2017 By William Bloom

Visiting my GP a little while ago he began talking with me about his own health. This was not unusual as we had known each other for twenty years and he had read my self-help book The Endorphin Effect. He was committed to a holistic and mindful approach and believed that good medicine supported patients into self-care. ‘If only I had … read more