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Easter Talks 2018: Freya Secrest and Subtle Energy [Video]

April 8, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Freya Secrest

Freya Secrest is a Lorian Association teacher and long time friend of the Findhorn Foundation. She is also an expert in working with non-physical energies (also called subtle energies, since the ways we sense them are more subtle than our physical senses.) If you have ever felt a strange atmosphere in a room for no apparent reason or … read more

Easter Talks 2018: David Spangler and the Subtle Worlds [Video]

April 7, 2018 By Thomas Miller
David Spangler

David Spangler is one of the world’s leading spiritual teachers and researchers exploring the subtle worlds. He has been aware of non-physical beings all his life and has built his body of teachings from his personal experiences and those of his co-learners. After shaping the Findhorn Foundation’s spiritual curriculum, he went … read more

Easter Talks 2018: Jeremy Berg & the Sidhe [Video]

April 6, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Jeremy Berg

Jeremy Berg is a Lorian Association teacher and owner of Lorian Press. For many years, he has also been working in collaboration with the Sidhe. The Sidhe could be described as a branch of humanity that never entered physical incarnation as deeply as we did. Mythologies around the world have stories about them, including from the Celtic … read more

Easter Talks 2018: Jude Currivan [Video]

April 5, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Jude Currivan

Dr Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist, author and previously one of the most senior business women in the UK. Her latest book, The Cosmic Hologram, explains how consciousness is the fundamental reality, and that everything from people to rocks to stars are interconnected. In addition to her scientific background, … read more

Easter Talks 2018: The Lorian Association [Video]

April 3, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Lorian Association

What would the world be like if all people were living as whole beings: physical, subtle/energetic and spiritual? Probably no group of people has worked more deeply or skillfully to live out the answer to this question than the Lorian Association. Its mission is to advance the experience of wholeness in the world and in ourselves through … read more

Easter Talks 2018: Co-Creative Spirituality [Video]

March 6, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Easter Talks 2018

Easter Talks 2018 – Co-Creative Spirituality The Findhorn Foundation Easter Talks are an annual series of interviews with spiritual pioneers, change makers, researchers and explorers of new possibilities. They are a free gift to you, designed to inspire you to new possibilities and encourage you on your journey. We hope you enjoy … read more

Dorothy Maclean: The Woman Who Heard the Angels Sing

January 2, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Dorothy Maclean

January 7 marks the 98th birthday of Dorothy Maclean, one of the Findhorn community’s founders. Few people have left a more remarkable legacy on the spiritual landscape of our time than Dorothy. Most famous for her work with the consciousness of plants, her spiritual explorations ranged far deeper and wider.   God is within – … read more

The New Findhorn Community Angel of the Year!

December 22, 2017 By Thomas Miller
Angel of the year

The Findhorn Community has welcomed our angel for the year 2018: PRESENCE. In a candlelit, meditative solstice spiral ritual, the Findhorn Community released our 2017 angel of VISION and welcomed our companion for the new year. Here is the accompanying text for Presence from the Original Angel Card book:   Your thoughts create. Your … read more

What’s On at Findhorn

December 4, 2017 By Thomas Miller

Dear Ones, I was walking near Findhorn’s green burial ground recently when I had an encounter with death. It was a still-dark morning and some inner impulse stopped me suddenly. As I stood there, I realised that it was absolutely silent, that the usual presences of birds and growing things was gone. Everything was still and cold. … read more

Findhorn Features in Psychologies Magazine

November 30, 2017 By Thomas Miller
Psychologies Magazine

The December edition of Psychologies magazine features an inspiring article titled  ‘Heart & Soul’  written by journalist Victoria Manthorpe. Victoria attended an Experience Week at Findhorn and wrote about her tranformational experience. Reading Findhorn Fellow William Bloom’s book  The Power of Modern … read more