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Climate Change and Consciousness – A Findhorn Fellows Interview [Video]

April 8, 2019 By Thomas Miller
Climate Change Fellows

What can we do in the face of the greatest challenge of our time: climate change? As they approach the Findhorn Findhorn’s Climate Change and Consciousness Conference, three Findhorn Fellows reflect upon the enormous challenge posed by climate change. They also approach the UN’s efforts to respond to it. Although the situation is … read more

Climate Change and Consciousness Trailer [Video]

April 5, 2019 By Thomas Miller

‘Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness the catastrophe toward which the world is headed will be unavoidable.’ -Vaclav Havel, Past President of the Czech Republic, addressing the US Congress.   How do we face climate change? Relying on technological or political solutions alone has not been enough. Nor … read more

Brexit News

April 5, 2019 By Thomas Miller

As of the time of posting this, if the UK leaves the EU with a deal, what you’ll need to enter the UK will not change until 2021. If the UK leaves with no deal, you will be able to enter the UK without a visa if you’re a citizen of any other EU or EEA country, or Switzerland. See here for more information from the Home Office. [ … read more

Working with the Consciousness of Your Home [Exercise]

April 5, 2019 By Thomas Miller
Home Consciousness

If the universe is really made of consciousness, can we work with the consciousness of our home? Can we form a relationship with our homes that enhances the life of everything in them? As the Findhorn Foundation begins the process of co-creating new accommodations for our participants, we are exploring these questions and much more. … read more

How can I offer a workshop in the Findhorn Foundation?

March 14, 2019 By Thomas Miller

The Findhorn Foundation is currently asking for presenters to submit their ideas for workshops! If you or someone you know might be called to be a presenter at a Findhorn Foundation workshop or event, please get in touch. We can begin the enquiry to see what we can bring into the world together. See here for more details and to apply. … read more

Listening to the Voices of Trees [Exercise]

December 13, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Tree deva

***Note: All quoted material is © Judy McAllister, Forest Voices: When Nature Speaks (I’ve also made sure to credit the right tree deva) Can humans communicate with trees? What kind of relationship can we form with them? What do they have to say to us? Judy McAllister’s book Forest Voices: When Nature Speaks is one woman&# … read more

Life Transitions: How to Celebrate, Let Go and Move Forward

November 30, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Life Transitions

Life has chapters: relationships, projects, life phases. When one ends, how do you celebrate what you have achieved and internalise it? How do you transition into what’s next? I faced these questions at the end of co-organising Findhorn’s Co-Creative Spirituality conference – the biggest project I had ever initiated. I … read more

Answering a Call from the Subtle Realms [Exercise]

August 2, 2018 By Thomas Miller
subtle realms call

A few years ago a call from subtle partners came into my awareness. At the time it felt more like a headache. I didn’t sense any idea at first, only a sense of pressure and insistence. It happened in the middle of an all coworkers meeting at the Findhorn Foundation at Cluny. Cluny is the refurbished Victorian spa hotel that houses about … read more

How to Work with Angels of Qualities [Exercise]

July 2, 2018 By Thomas Miller
angels of qualities

I sat, sweating slightly, in Cluny sanctuary. Members of Findhorn Foundation work departments had come to welcome the new group of apprentices after the completion of their initial training, and the sanctuary was packed. We had finished singing and the ceremony of completion had come to a point of stillness. “Let’s speak out the … read more

Caroline Myss: Fearless Truth-Teller [Videos]

June 21, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss’ fearless truth-telling has drawn millions of people from around the world to read her books and engage with her teaching. Caroline has explored spiritual frontiers for decades. Her sharp wit, direct style and originality have attracted people from around the world. She has also been a close friend of the Findhorn … read more