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The power of the Transformation Game

June 17, 2021 By Joy Drake
Transformation Game

The Transformation Game was first designed to distil the experience of living in the Findhorn Community into a form that could be carried the world over. Here’s co-founder Joy Drake on the power of the Game. The universe always reminds us and teaches us, but sometimes we miss its messages. If we don’t catch them, they keep repeating … read more

Birth of the Transformation Game: tumbling into Grace

May 21, 2021 By Joy Drake
Transformation Game

Joy Drake didn’t choose to create the Transformation Game, but it wouldn’t let her go! Here’s the story of the birth of the Game – now part of the fabric of the Findhorn Community – and how its co-founder, Kathy Tyler, also came to be involved. I have always had doubts about my capabilities. I feel I am simply an ordinary person … read more