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Overjoyed: A Love Letter to Music

December 28, 2017 By Jessica Rios
Love Letter to Music

With great reverence, I celebrate the power of music to lift my mood, open my inner horizons and connect me to the core of my being. The most authentic way I can express this is in a love letter. Dear Stevie Wonder, Last night I sang Overjoyed to my four year old daughter at bedtime. Laying next to me in purple pajamas, her playful, … read more

How to Move From Ego to Soul: Spiritual Intelligence

September 4, 2017 By Jessica Rios
Spiritual Intelligence

Have you ever wondered what life on Planet Earth might be like in 100 years, when maybe, just maybe, humanity has reached a point of valuing spiritual intelligence (SQ) as much as we seem to value rational intelligence (IQ)? We have barely begun valuing emotional intelligence (EQ) so how long might it take before we value what is seen as … read more