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Manifesting a Pioneering Spiritual Magazine

July 7, 2020 By Geoff Dalglish

Manifesting a Pioneering Spiritual Magazine The birth of Odyssey, a holistic lifestyle magazine, is a story of faith, manifestation and a profound connection to the Findhorn Foundation and its co-founders Peter and Eileen Caddy. It was 43 years ago that the influential South African magazine appeared – just a few weeks after founding … read more

Findhorn’s Feral Elder: Craig Gibsone

November 16, 2018 By Geoff Dalglish
Findhorn's Feral Elder - Craig Gibsone

‘Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom. How do they learn it? They fall, and falling, they’re given wings’ Rumi, 13th century poet and philosopher If you were to rewind half a century to 1968 and the modest beginnings of the Findhorn community you might bump into a young Australian, making his first tentative visit … read more

Spiritual Retreat as Pilgrimage – Slowing to the Pace of Our Ancestors

May 19, 2017 By Geoff Dalglish
Iona spiritual retreat

‘As a pilgrim I discover the mystery, the magic, the meaning and the magnificence of life in every step I take, in every sound I hear and in every sight I see’ -Satish Kumar, spiritual and ecological activist   How interesting it is that I’ve travelled many millions of miles flying, driving and sailing – and yet it is only … read more

International Spotlight on Findhorn Foundation Community

April 3, 2017 By Geoff Dalglish

Two of the world’s biggest news and business television networks – which reach a global audience of many millions of people – have showcased the way of life at the Findhorn Foundation Community and Ecovillage in recent weeks. The CNN International crew of … read more

A Bird’s-eye View of the Findhorn Ecovillage

December 20, 2016 By Geoff Dalglish
Ecovillage Original Caravan

Ever wondered what the Findhorn Foundation community and Ecovillage might look like to the migratory birds that soar overhead on their annual pilgrimage to nearby Findhorn Bay? Or perhaps you’ve simply yearned to grow wings and take to the skies for a new and bigger perspective on life? Well thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity … read more

Findhorn Works Its Special Magic

July 10, 2015 By Geoff Dalglish

A last-minute unplanned visit to the Findhorn Foundation to make a delivery has proved life changing for a 65-year-old haulage contractor from Derbyshire in England. Martyn Garthwaite with the little book that has been a huge comfort “You can’t believe … read more