Additional Programmes for 2014

AdditionalProgrammes2014We have added a number of workshops and events to our calendar that didn’t make it into our 2014 brochure. Please browse below and use the links to view the full programme pages.

You can view and download the poster listing all these workshops and events by clicking on the image to the right.

New You, New Planet
19–25 July
Rita Tojal

Step into your planetary role and become powerful agents for a greener, happier planet (read more…)

The Elusive Obvious
9–13 August
Roger Linden

A retreat week to explore how our search for consciousness, presence and awakeness is unnecessary when we notice what is happening (read more…)

Essence and Empowerment – The Tara Approach
13–19 September
Stephanie Mines

Learn how to reclaim and support your essential self with The TARA Approach (read more…)

Pathways to the Self – A therapeutic and healing journey towards authenticity
4–17 October (First module)
Maria Olsthoorn & Susan Miles

Six modules spread out over the year to transform the relationship with the self/Self (read more…)

Essentials of Psychosynthesis
11–16 October
Psychosynthesis Education Trust

A unique opportunity to further your personal and transpersonal spiritual journey (read more…)

Stress & Trauma Management In Action
18–21 October
Ole Ry & Susanne Andrés

Learn a new, revolutionary, easy to learn set of exercises that brings you back to peaceful living (read more…)

In Tune with Nature: Autumn Pleasures in Cluny Garden
25–31 October
The Cluny Garden Team

An invitation for you to join us in caring for the vegetable and flower gardens at Cluny (read more…)

Embracing Honest Change
25—28 October
Jeddah Mali

Explore our individual contribution to personal, societal and global transformation (read more…)

Singing in Community
1–7 November
Bill Henderson & Kate O’Connell

Develop your skills to lead singing groups or incorporate songs into your group work (read more…)

Falling in Love with Where You Are: Unconditionally Embracing the Pain and Joy of Life
6–8 December
Jeff Foster

A retreat to awaken to the beauty, poetry of your life, peace and enlightenment (read more…)

New Year’s Retreat – Turning Within and Moving Onward
27 December – 2 January 2015
Astrid Gude

Open up to the new with joy and purpose (read more…)