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Climate Change and Consciousness Trailer [Video]

April 5, 2019 By Thomas Miller

‘Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness the catastrophe toward which the world is headed will be unavoidable.’

-Vaclav Havel, Past President of the Czech Republic, addressing the US Congress.


How do we face climate change?

Relying on technological or political solutions alone has not been enough. Nor will it. The real change must begin within. Each of us can find in ourselves the ability to hold the situation in awareness. We can each find a higher perspective. And we can all interact with the planet’s conscious dimensions to influence its external reality.

Filmmakers Frank Krielaart and Wout Tilders, aka ‘The Urgenteers‘, are two people who have stepped up to the challenge. Inspired by the CCC19 conference, they made us a stunning promotional video! Unfortunately they will not be able to join the event, but you can join them – and us – on the CCC19 Livestream.


Take the Next Step

Our live event is full, but join us online for the Climate Change and Consciousness Livestream.

The gathering will host some of the most renowned and authoritative voices in the field. For more details, see the CCC19 website.