Service Departments

Kitchens, Gardens, Homecare and Maintenance departments at Cluny and The Park

‘Living education’ takes place in all activities at Findhorn, and especially when you participate in service departments. The departments of the Findhorn Foundation are staffed by people whose working lives are integrated with their spiritual journey and who see their work as spiritual principles put into practical action. Guests in many of our programmes and workshops, including Experience Week, spend time in service departments with our staff, to experience these activities, and themselves, in a new way.

All tasks, from cooking the lunch, planting seeds, guiding guests or cleaning the floor, are essential parts of the whole. While doing these activities we interact with each other, with the tools we use, with the landscape and with our innermost selves in a conscious and attuned way, practising the awareness that our small actions are part of the larger ecology of humanity and the planet.

When you spend time in Cluny Kitchen, Park Garden, Cluny Homecare or any of our other service departments, you are encouraged to explore the idea of ‘love in action’.