‘Living Education’

Learning within the Findhorn community is experiential and transformative, a journey of self-discovery, and it is integral to the community’s purpose.

There is the potential for ‘living education’ to take place 24 hours a day and with every person and situation we meet, as well as within the more traditional settings our workshops, events and conferences. Participating in a service department at the Findhorn Foundation gives an opportunity to discover more about yourself, other people, and the environment, and how to do simple activities in a new way.

Recognising the interdependence of all life is at the heart of all learning and practice here. This becomes increasingly important as people come to terms with global conflict, depletion of the world’s resources, changes in our climate, and ask questions about the purpose of our lives and the values we live by. The range of workshops offered at Findhorn address these profound personal and global concerns within the unique context of a thriving spiritual community. Essential Findhorn programmes have been developed here and are unique to Findhorn, progressively building an inclusive consciousness and giving new skills for life.

Findhorn Foundation College

Established in 2001, Findhorn College develops and delivers further and higher education programmes, and professional development. It draws on the experience of the Findhorn Community and other holistic educators, creating a truly holistic learning environment that facilitates balanced development of mind, body, emotions and spirit. Courses include MSc Sustainable Community Design , Findhorn Community Semester, and Learning English in Community.

Moray Steiner School

When the Findhorn Community was exploring education for the children of the community in the early 1980s, it was decided that Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf education was a form of education that most closely reflected the community’s values. In 1985 the Moray Steiner School was born and established itself as the community’s school, while also attracting students and families in the local area.

Housed in the 19th Century Drumduan House, it is the furthest north of the four Steiner Schools in Scotland, and is set on a hilltop, adjoining Cluny woods, on the outskirts of Forres. The school is in seven acres of mature trees and gardens with magnificent views overlooking Findhorn Bay and the Moray Firth. Teachers work in partnership with the parents to create an environment at the school and at home that nurtures the holistic development of each child.

  • Service Departments

    ‘Living education’ takes place in all activities at Findhorn, and especially when you participate in service departments.