Founding Principles

The founding principles of the Findhorn Foundation and community have remained at the centre of all our activities over the years, they are

  • deep inner listening, and acting from that source of wisdom
  • co-creation with the intelligence of nature
  • service to the world.

How we express these principles through our activities, continues to change and grow, reflecting both the evolution of the consciousness of the community and the needs of the world around us, locally and globally.

Meditation in its various forms – such as sitting quietly, singing, dancing, being in nature, working – is practised at Findhorn as a means to connect with and listen to our inner source of wisdom. Before group activities commence, we stop, attune to the wisdom within, attune to each other and to the task, and then move forward. By doing so, we contact the part of our consciousness that recognises our unity. From this comes a sense of shared motivation and purpose which can result in action that serves each individual, the group as a whole, and life itself. Tasks are often achieved with ease, peace, joy and beauty, and sometimes with new and unexpected solutions to problems.

Deep inner listening was applied to the task of growing the first garden at Findhorn, which the founders – Eileen Caddy, Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean – engaged in as a way to supplement their diet by growing their own food. The inner source of wisdom they contacted daily included the intelligence of nature, and when they listened to and applied the wisdom they received, the garden flourished. As they progressed in their practice of attunement to the intelligence of nature, they came to understand that they were actually engaged in a process of co-creation with nature. This new understanding, and its results in the Findhorn garden, were the catalysts for inspiring others to work in this way, and launched Findhorn onto the world stage.

At Findhorn, the principles of both inner listening and co-creation with nature are set within the context of being of service to the world. It was clear to the founders, as it is clear to us today, that humanity’s response to the challenges we collectively face must be inclusive, recognising our interdependence with all of life. Through changing our consciousness, by listening to our inner source of wisdom, and by co-creating with nature, we can bring about the positive and sustainable changes so needed in our world. Our service to the world is to be a centre of learning, practice, exploration and demonstration. It is to be the change we wish to see, and to help others be the change, too.