A selection of videos about the Findhorn Foundation and Community.

  • A New Story For Humanity

    The Findhorn Foundation's first feature-length film, inspired by its hugely successful New Story Summit, features live event coverage and interviews on the essential topics of our time: from cosmology to ecology, from ancient wisdom to current thinking, from leadership to governance, from economy to social justice, from education to initiation, from community living to regenerative society. Captured through the lens of both our frailty and our wisdom, this enquiry into a new story for humanity offers a gateway into the evolutionary consciousness that will propel us as a species to recognise and embody our interdependence in harmony with the planet and in partnership with all life.

  • The Park – At Night

    A series of nighttime photographs taken around The Park.

  • Everyday Miracles

    A short film made by Findhorn Foundation staff member Iain Davidson.

  • Cluny Hill

    A short film of daily life in and around the Cluny Hill site of the Findhorn Foundation.

  • Follow the Rainbow to Findhorn

    This is the trailer for a new documentary on the Findhorn Foundation and Community.

  • The Turning Point

    This is the trailer for 'The Turning Point: A Return to Community' - A film about Findhorn, resilience, localisation and the importance of community.

  • Sustainable Houses in Scotland

    This is a short film made by a Geography teacher particularly aimed at schoolchildren.

  • The Magic of Findhorn: An Eco Eden on Earth

    A multi-lingual-subtitled documentary from SupremeMasterTV.

  • Slowcoast

    A short sound-slide documentary made during 2009.

  • Sustainable Communities

    A film report made by the Open University around 2004 but only published recently.

  • Findhorn Now

    Ten minutes to connect with the spirit of Findhorn - inspire yourself with a new vision for the future.

  • Erraid

    An insightful film made by a recent visitor to the Findhorn Foundation's satellite community on the isle of Erraid.

  • Findhorn – The Journey

    A fantastic young Australian film maker, Faith, came to Findhorn as part of her world wide journey, she made a short film about us to capture her experience of being here.

  • Findhorn in the News

    We were featured in a news report by global news agency AFP.

  • Living in the Future

    We were featured as part of a video project by The Lammas Ecovillage.

  • Richard Heinberg – Resilient Communities

    Richard Heinberg's Resilient Communities looks right at the reality of peak oil and succeeds in finding community solutions for the new era.

  • Rob Hopkins at Positive Energy

    Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement, speaks at the Positive Energy Conference held in the Findhorn Ecovillage, Easter 2008.