A selection of videos about the Findhorn Foundation and Community.

  • The Park – At Night

    A series of nighttime photographs taken around The Park.

  • Everyday Miracles

    A short film made by Findhorn Foundation staff member Iain Davidson.

  • Cluny Hill

    A short film of daily life in and around the Cluny Hill site of the Findhorn Foundation.

  • Follow the Rainbow to Findhorn

    This is the trailer for a new documentary on the Findhorn Foundation and Community.

  • The Turning Point

    This is the trailer for 'The Turning Point: A Return to Community' - A film about Findhorn, resilience, localisation and the importance of community.

  • Sustainable Houses in Scotland

    This is a short film made by a Geography teacher particularly aimed at schoolchildren.

  • The Magic of Findhorn: An Eco Eden on Earth

    A multi-lingual-subtitled documentary from SupremeMasterTV.

  • Slowcoast

    A short sound-slide documentary made during 2009.

  • Sustainable Communities

    A film report made by the Open University around 2004 but only published recently.

  • Findhorn Now

    Ten minutes to connect with the spirit of Findhorn - inspire yourself with a new vision for the future.

  • Erraid

    An insightful film made by a recent visitor to the Findhorn Foundation's satellite community on the isle of Erraid.

  • Findhorn – The Journey

    A fantastic young Australian film maker, Faith, came to Findhorn as part of her world wide journey, she made a short film about us to capture her experience of being here.

  • Findhorn in the News

    We were featured in a news report by global news agency AFP.

  • Living in the Future

    We were featured as part of a video project by The Lammas Ecovillage.

  • Richard Heinberg – Resilient Communities

    Richard Heinberg's Resilient Communities looks right at the reality of peak oil and succeeds in finding community solutions for the new era.

  • Rob Hopkins at Positive Energy

    Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement, speaks at the Positive Energy Conference held in the Findhorn Ecovillage, Easter 2008.