The Park, Findhorn

The Park is a 30-acre site that was once a caravan park (part of it still is!) but now is the hub of a growing ecovillage and spiritual community. The Park is a work in progress as each year more caravans are replaced with ecologically sound alternatives, from yurts to eco-mobile homes, to state of the art projects such as straw bale housing. There are approximately 300 residents living on The Park, with up to 100 more people visiting at any time.

The environment reflects experimentation, innovation, beauty and practicality, and looks as diverse as the population that inhabits it. There are 90 ecological structures including houses, workshop spaces, The Living Machine sewage treatment centre and electricity-generating wind turbines. The Park also features gardens, the Universal Hall arts centre, and is home to a variety of holistic businesses and initiatives. It is beautifully situated on a peninsula with Findhorn Bay on one side and the dunes and coast of the Moray Firth on the other, and the village of Findhorn at its tip.

The community at The Park is an ongoing experiment in conscious living. As well as featuring beautiful and innovative projects, we also have made – and will probably continue to make!- some mistakes. The community are host to many Findhorn Foundation workshops and events, providing a unique environment for experiential learning.