New Findhorn Directions (NFD) Ltd

NFD Ltd is the trading subsidiary of the Findhorn Foundation. Since its inception in 1983 it has operated many offshoot businesses that have sprung from Findhorn Foundation activities.

Mission statement

The role of New Findhorn Directions is to provide accommodation, infrastructure and other site services in the context of The Park Ecovillage and in partnership with the Findhorn Foundation and community.

What we do:

NFD’s current roles and functions can be divided into five categories:


Runs its own business, the Findhorn Bay Holiday Park, for profit. A percentage of the cash profits from the Findhorn Bay Holiday Park go to the Findhorn Foundation to support its charitable work. In addition, NFD’s balance sheet (company value) is included in the Findhorn Foundation’s total asset value.


Manages the Findhorn Foundation’s commercial interests. It holds and operates the site licence for the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park (FBCP), commonly known as The Park campus. It holds shares, on behalf of the Findhorn Foundation, in community organisations, such as Phoenix Community Stores, Findhorn Wind Park and Dunelands development. It manages the various buildings the Findhorn Foundation owns and leases out to other businesses in The Park, ie the Phoenix shop, Blue Angel Café, Pottery, Trees for Life and Big Sky Printing.


Provides public utilities to The Park. It provides electricity and water to domestic and commercial consumers in The Park.

Operational management

Runs services that are owned by the Findhorn Foundation. It operates the Living Machine (sewage treatment plant).


Manages the Title Holders Association (land owners in The Park) maintenance fund. This fund finances HoCo, the name given to the Park’s collective infrastructure, which NFD manages. The infrastructure included under HoCo consists of all the roads, paths, street lights, sewers and drainage in The Park.

NFD also contributes to the development of the ecovillage, for example building holiday chalets and supplying electricity from four wind turbines.

NFD, working in the world of business and commerce, consciously strives to embody the guiding principles and ethos of the Findhorn Foundation in its daily work.

For more information please see the NFD website.

NFD Directors are:

  • Paul Miller-Randell – Managing Director
  • Alex Walker – Non Executive
  • Camilla Bredal Pettersen – Findhorn Foundation
  • Paul Johnson – Findhorn Foundation
  • Pete Finch – Findhorn Foundation
  • Lisette Schuitemaker – Findhorn Foundation Trustees

NFD operational managers are:

  • Bob Gordon — Findhorn Bay Holiday Park and Park Services
  • Paul Miller-Randell – Managing Director

Registered Office:

New Findhorn Directions Ltd
The Park, Findhorn, Forres
IV36 3TY
Tel: 01309 691898
Fax: 01309 690933
Registered in Scotland, Company Number – SC70193