About the NFA Community Association

Living in community is how the people at Findhorn express their commitment to a daily life that actively brings spiritual and sustainable values into practice.

Taking part in the community means meditating together, working together, growing and preparing food together, welcoming guests together, building houses together as well as celebrating with song and dance together. All these aspects of life and more are food for the growth of consciousness towards a peaceful and sustainable life.

Over the past 45 years the community has grown so much that not everyone in it gathers together on a regular basis any longer. Smaller groupings of people, with specialised interests or areas of work, have formed smaller communities within the larger community. Each of these smaller groupings organises itself in its own unique way, while at the same time being part of the wider Findhorn Foundation community. They are all linked by their shared positive vision for humanity and the planet and to the non-doctrinal spirituality that characterises Findhorn, and agree to abide by the community’s code of ethics, Common Ground.

In 1999 a community association, the New Findhorn Association or NFA, was formed to provide a structure for all the people and organisations in the community. It includes people from within a 50-mile radius of The Park, at Findhorn.

There are currently 360 individual members and 32 organisation members of the NFA.

Each year a council and two listener-conveners are elected by the membership of the NFA, who organise monthly community meetings to decide upon community-wide issues.