Ekopia Resource Exchange

Ekopia is our community investment company helping to create a sustainable local economy and contributing to regeneration of our rural area in Scotland. Members of the community invest in local projects such as community ownership of Phoenix Community Stores, additional wind turbines for Findhorn Wind Park, and investment in Newbold House and the Findhorn Foundation. Ekopia has also created a community currency, the Eko, to further consolidate and stimulate economic cooperation.

Ekopia seeks funds from members of our community (including friends around the world who consider themselves part of our community) to be re-invested in worthwhile community ventures. All of Ekopia’s projects have commercial prospects that will generate a suitable return for investors. Borrowers must have a social as well as economic purpose, and soundly based plans and projections.

An investment in Ekopia is a positive and practical way of helping to give organisations in our community the opportunity to grow and thrive. If you are interested in making an investment in a community project, please see the Ekopia website.

Ekopia was registered as an Industrial and Provident Society in Edinburgh in February 2001.

Visit the Ekopia website.