Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill

Cluny has touched my heart, my intellect, my deepest longings for communion and community. I think this is the way we will live in days to come, for those of us who have the courage to believe it possible and work towards it . . .

Cluny Hill in Forres is the second site of the Findhorn Foundation. It is home for 35 community members and up to 90 residential guests taking part in a variety of workshops and events at Findhorn. The building is Victorian and was once a hotel that community founders Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean successfully ran before the community at Findhorn was begun.

Accommodation at Cluny is comfortable and spacious, mainly in shared rooms, and the building itself has been recently retrofitted to a good ecological standard. The main building has four meeting rooms for groups and a beautiful ballroom with a sprung wooden floor, with a further two meeting spaces in the Pavilion, a separate building behind Cluny. Shared facilities and communal living at Cluny contribute towards the community’s low ecological footprint.

The gardens at Cluny are full of delightful surprises and the views across the neighbouring town golf course can be inspiring. Behind the house are the Cluny Hill woods for walking in, while the town of Forres is a 15-minute walk away down the hill.

Workshops and events are held either at Cluny Hill or at The Park. When you are part of an Experience Week or other programme, you may be living at Cluny for the week and participating in life there, or living at The Park and participating there. Sometimes you may live at one site and join in activities at the other. The Foundation has its own minibuses to take people between sites, about 5 miles, at regular intervals during the day.

Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill and the people who live there provide a welcoming, comfortable and supportive environment for many of our events and workshops.