The Findhorn Foundation community is an experiment in conscious living, a learning centre and an ecovillage. Based mainly at The Park, Findhorn and at Cluny Hill in the nearby town of Forres, the community extends also to individuals, businesses and organisations within a 50-mile radius of The Park and to the islands of Iona and Erraid on the west coast of Scotland.

  • New Findhorn Community Association

    More than 320 people and 30 organisations are part of the Findhorn Foundation community association.

  • The Park, Findhorn

    The Park is the hub of the Findhorn Foundation community and ecovillage, welcoming residential guests and day visitors. It is the site of many ecological buildings and ecovillage initiatives, and home to 300 people.

  • Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill

    This Victorian building set in beautiful gardens on Cluny Hill in Forres is a Foundation campus and home to 35 resident staff members. Cluny welcomes more than a thousand residential guests to the community each year.

  • Isle of Iona

    The Foundation's retreat house, Traigh Bhan, on the sacred isle of Iona, for renewal and quiet reflection.

  • Isle of Erraid

    You can experience a small-scale Foundation community in a breathtaking setting on the west coast of Scotland.

  • New Findhorn Directions (NFD) Ltd

    NFD is the trading subsidiary of the Findhorn Foundation and has been the home of many new offshoots and initiatives over the years. The divisions of NFD include Findhorn Bay Caravan & Holiday Park, Park Electricity, HoCo, and Living Machine.

  • Ekopia Resource Exchange

    Investment funds stimulate growth and development of community businesses via mutual ownership.

  • Findhorn Fellows

    The Foundation enjoys a strong connection with many individuals who we honour and appreciate for their transformative work in the world - our network of Findhorn Fellows.