Media – visit the Findhorn Foundation

Universal Hall theatre angel wing doors in Moray, Scotland.

Come and visit!

We welcome sharing stories of the Findhorn Foundation and its people in the media, and will do our best to meet your requests for information, interviews, photographs and filming opportunities.

If you’d like to visit, please contact our media liaison with this information:

  • When would you like to visit – proposed date and duration?
  • What is your media format – online, print, video, TV, podcast etc?
  • What angle or element are you wanting to explore?
  • Where will your piece be published, broadcast or distributed
  • When will your piece be published, broadcast or distributed?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the anticipated circulation?
  • Are there specific people you’d like to interview, or places you’d like to see?
  • Have you participated in any of our workshops? If so, please give details.
  • Please include links to related examples of your work.
  • Please include anything else that helps us learn more about who you are, why you want to visit, and what kind of story you are interested in creating.

Please note:
The Findhorn Foundation Community is quite complex, and it will help your piece if you’ve researched us, or participated in one of our courses or workshops before this visit.

We look forward to meeting you!

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