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Love In Action


“Love where you are. Love what you’re doing. Love who you’re doing it with.” This is founder Peter Caddy’s succinct explanation of our practice of Love In Action. A former military officer who led by example, he insisted that community members bring this attitude into every daily activity, whether raking up the leaves, harvesting organic vegetables or cleaning a toilet.

Nowadays we typically begin each shift with a work attunement, a brief meditation to align the people with each other, the subtle overlighting energies involved and the task at hand. It helps us act mindfully and bring love to every moment, perhaps especially the moments that seem most ordinary.

Doing this helps us open to life’s full potential. Each day can become an opportunity for growth and discovery when we bring our highest spiritual aspiration and love into it. Also, as Peter and this community discovered, when we act with love and clear intention, the right resources, people and realisations come flowing in. For instance, in the community’s early days, Peter acted on guidance and bought several bungalows with borrowed money. Although they had no money and no people to house, within weeks people had come to fill all the bungalows. Manifesting the right thing at the right time became so common here that the community adopted the motto ‘expect miracles’.

Above all, this practice is a recognition that everything we do, no matter how seemingly small, is an opportunity to build a new future. Our own story of a tiny band of spiritual seekers growing into a flourishing, world-famous community is a demonstration of the power of putting our love into action.

Peter’s dedication to acting on inspiration was invaluable in helping the community manifest the resources, people and direction it needed in order to grow. His skill in intuiting what to do in each moment continues to be a legend in the community, as is his ability to encourage others to step up, sometimes in uncomfortable ways! For more on his extraordinary life, please see:

In Perfect Timing – Peter’s autobiography, with his own personal view and insights into the Foundation