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Inner Listening

Candle centrepiece

‘Be still and know that I AM God’ was the first guidance that Findhorn Community co-founder Eileen Caddy heard while meditating in a Glastonbury sanctuary in the late 1950s. Later training and regular meditation through the years led her to develop the ability to attune to the ‘divine within’ at any time, and to ask for and receive guidance from this omniscient inner knowing.

Absolute obedience to this guidance led her, the community’s co-founders and the group that gathered around them, to step into an entirely new world based on a living relationship with the divine within – a world of vitality, joy and deep peace – as the community began to evolve into its present form.

‘Inner Listening’ is the term we use to describe this process, and it is at the heart of the Foundation’s ethos. Whether in an attunement at the beginning of a work shift, at a decision point during a meeting or during individual or group meditation, inner listening opens the doors within to the divine stillness, and to the source of all guidance.

We recognise that learning how to come into attunement with the divine within, listen to its still, small voice, trust what we hear and live our individual and collective lives in this attunement is the central process by which this community – and humanity – evolves.

The Findhorn Community is both a gateway to this new world and a living demonstration of it. Its teaching is the same as the heart of all major faiths and spiritual traditions. Its strength is in its simplicity, and in the potency of its core message: ‘Be still and know that I AM God.’

Eileen Caddy dedicated her life to following the ‘still, small voice within’ and helping others do the same. Her books offer a wealth of insights into the Findhorn practice of inner listening. Her collected sayings continue to inspire thousands around the world, and you can find daily quotes from her guidance in our inspiration section. Here are some titles for further exploration:

Opening Doors Within – Meditation guidance for each day of the year. Published worldwide in 27 languages
God Spoke to Me – Guidance from Eileen for use by the community
Divinely Ordinary – Divinely Human – A photo/biography of Eileen
Foundations of a Spiritual Community – The early days of Eileen’s guidance
Flight into Freedom and Beyond – Eileen’s updated autobiography with a new chapter
Spirit of Findhorn – Eileen’s guidance
Living Word – A small book of short prayers or meditations
Waves of Spirit – Inspiration, meditations and exercises
Footprints on the Path – Early guidance Eileen received for herself and the community
Dawn of Change – More early guidance Eileen received for herself and the community