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Co-Creation with the Intelligence of Nature


In the early days of the community, while trying to grow a garden in a sandy rubbish tip, community co-founder Dorothy Maclean found she could communicate with the overlighting beings of the plants. As she and the then-tiny community cooperated with their suggestions, a seemingly impossible abundance grew in the harsh soil, including the giant cabbages that the community became famous for. Building on this early work, the Foundation became a pioneer in partnering with the consciousness of nature, a practice we came to call co-creation.

As Dorothy discovered, our world is alive and sentient. In addition to the physical side of life, we and our world also have subtle dimensions, through which we can communicate and work with the other forms of life that share this planet. Everyone, either through innate gifts or through training in inner listening, has the potential to tune in to and partner with these ‘subtle worlds’.

Here, we bring the practice of partnering with other lives into our daily activities in our kitchens, gardens and living spaces. When we come together before each shift, we invite non-human partners, such as the plants we’re tending, animals we’re with and non-physical members of our world’s subtle ecologies, to work alongside of us. Choosing to cooperate with other lives like this brings practical results, qualities such as greater harmony and curiosity, and a more joyful relationship to life.

The belief that the world is nothing but dead matter has created a culture of disconnection, with grim consequence for our planet. But as Dorothy discovered, and as this community demonstrates, we can transcend the way of being that created our current crises. When we choose to partner with the other consciousnesses of our planet, we greatly increase our ability to shape our shared future. Here, people and other beings are exploring the potential of co-creation, and we know that worlds of discovery lie ahead.

For Dorothy, connecting with the divine within always came first. As a result of that primary connection, she learned how to explore life’s subtle dimensions as well and was a pioneer in connecting with the angelic and devic realms. To learn more about her work and life, as well as Findhorn’s journey of learning to co-create with the nature kingdoms, see the following books:

Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic – This outstanding memoir tells the exciting story of her life journey, including her role in co-founding the Findhorn Foundation

The Findhorn Garden – The story of the early days of the community and its communication with the consciousness of plants, animals and other nature beings