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The Findhorn Foundation online shop, currently in development, will include books and other media about the Foundation, our stories and our founders – Eileen and Peter Caddy, and Dorothy Maclean. In the meantime, please find them in mainstream online bookstores.

Here are some of the publications to look out for.

Books by or about Eileen Caddy

God Spoke To Me, by Eileen Caddy (Findhorn Press)
The first book of Eileen’s Guidance.

Opening Doors Within, by Eileen Caddy (Findhorn Press)
Meditation guidance for each day of the year. Published worldwide in 27 languages.

Flight Into Freedom and Beyond, by Eileen Caddy (Findhorn Press)
Eileen’s updated autobiography with a new chapter.

Divinely Ordinary, Divinely Human
A photo/biography of Eileen.

Foundations of a Spiritual Community
The early days of Eileen’s guidance.

Spirit of Findhorn
More of Eileen’s guidance.

Living Word
A small book of short prayers or meditations.

Footprints on the Path
Early guidance Eileen received for herself and the community.

Dawn of Change
More early guidance Eileen received for herself and the community.

Book by Peter Caddy

In Perfect Timing, by Peter Caddy (Findhorn Press)
Peter Caddy’s autobiography, with his own personal view and insights into the Foundation.

Books by Dorothy Maclean

Memoirs of An Ordinary Mystic, by Dorothy Maclean (Lorian Press) This outstanding memoir tells the exciting story of her life journey, including her role in co-founding the Findhorn Foundation.

To Hear The Angels Sing, by Dorothy Maclean (Lindisfarne Press)
Dorothy’s autobiography.

Books by other authors

The Findhorn Garden Story, by the Findhorn Community (Findhorn Press)
The story of the community’s early days and its communication with the intelligence of nature.

The Magic of Findhorn, by Paul Hawken (Bantam Books)
One of the first books to shine a spotlight on the Findhorn Community. Paul Hawken is the creator of Project Drawdown.

The Kingdom Within, edited by Alex Walker (Findhorn Press)
A selection of writings on the history and work of the Findhorn Foundation by David Spangler, Peter and Eileen Caddy, Myrtle Glines, William Bloom, Dorothy Maclean and many others.

Simply Build Green, by John Talbott (Findhorn Press)
The UK’s first technical guide to the principles and methods of eco-building.

In Search of the Magic of Findhorn, by Karin Bogliolo & Carly Newfeld (Kaminn Media)
A book bringing the story of Findhorn into the 21st century, with entertaining, humorous and moving accounts of living in the Findhorn Foundation and Community.

Growing People, by Kay Kay (Pilgrims’ Travel Guides)
A collection of stories about life in the Foundation and community.

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