Spiritual Community, Learning Centre, Ecovillage

Esalen® Massage Certification Training
29 April - 26 May
A certificated training that will provide participants with in-depth knowledge of techniques fundamental to Esalen® Massage, enabling them to give a professional, full-body massage upon completion.

Life Purpose
4 - 10 March
What touches you most? What makes your life meaningful? This week offers you a variety of creative, meditative and practical exercises to help you connect with your life's purpose.

Astroshamanic Quest for Manifestation: Shining your Talents in the World
11 - 17 March
This workshop is for those who wish to take a decisive leap into the discovery and manifestation of their unique potentials and talents, to provide benefits to themselves and the whole environment.

Radical Authenticity in Times of Uncertainty
3 - 7 April
How do we become more resilient in a world of uncertainty? Using a combination of personal transformative processes and training exercises we'll learn 21st Century skills - personal and professional - to deal with this complex challenge.

Jeff Olsen: Choosing Joy for a Transformational Life
15 - 17 April
Join this extraordinary journey of healing and deepening connection with the divine, accompanied by Near Death Experiencer and international presenter Jeff Olsen.