Belgian filmmakers showcase Community Life

Belgian filmmakers Gill Vallons, Joris Baestaens and Tim Bex

Belgian filmmakers Gill Vallons, Joris Baestaens and Tim Bex

Young filmmakers Tim Bex, Joris Baestaens and Gill Vallons have created a nine-minute film about their inspiring stay with the Findhorn Foundation community as part of their graduation project for the Journalism department of the Thomas More College in Belgium.

To gain a more intimate understanding of the enduring appeal of the celebrated Ecovillage, spiritual community and centre of learning, they attended Experience Week at Cluny Hill and then interviewed a number of residents the following week.

“We came from Belgium without big expectations and without exactly knowing what the Findhorn Foundation was,” they recalled. “It was a very nice experience and something we’ll remember from Experience Week is how you meet total strangers from different countries and after a few days they don’t feel like strangers anymore. They are friends.

“It’s wonderful how the environment of the Findhorn Foundation can make such a connection between strangers.”

As a thank you they are sharing the gift of their unique film.

Geoff Dalglish

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