We Do Not Die Conference Draws Participants from Both Sides

Amid some of the balmiest and most beautiful weather of the year, our We Do Not Die: Near Death and Other Mystical Experiences conference unfolded this September, bringing world famous presenters and attendees together for a conference full of deep and egalitarian sharing, healing and a strong emphasis on bringing the love and light of the post-mortem realms into everyday physical life.

Some of the most well-known Near Death Experience (NDE) researchers and presenters in the world ate meals with the community in the Community Centre and admired the week’s entrancing sunsets from the Findhorn beach. The list including Eben Alexander, MD and (via skype) Anita Moorjani, New York Times bestselling authors used to speaking to stadium-sized audiences. The list also included PMH Atwater, one of the original NDE researchers, and Dr Pim Van Lommel, author of a major medical study on NDEs published in The Lancet.

Anita Moorjani joins the We Do No Die conference in the Universal Hall via Skype

Anita Moorjani joins the We Do No Die conference in the Universal Hall via Skype

The conference delved deeply into the clash between worldviews, and sounded a strong, clear call for more open acceptance of the non-physical side of life. A theme that came up again and again was how the view that our consciousness is eternal clashes with physicalist beliefs. NDE experiencers, researchers and others who had undergone mystical experiences in the conference expressed how, when they tried to speak about their experiences, they met with hostility and dismissiveness from scientists and medical professionals, who believe that all our inner experiences, thoughts and feelings are the byproduct of chemical processes in our brains.

Dr Alexander noted that the debate is of the utmost personal and practical importance because it determines whether we see life as short, hopeless and devoid of meaning or as an eternal adventure of growth in a universe that loves us. Perhaps unsurprisingly, all of the speakers expressed a close affinity with the Foundation and its mission of bringing heaven to earth. In addition to coming for free, despite receiving considerable fees for similar events, many of them graciously shared interviews about their experience at Findhorn, which you can find here.

In addition to the creative, egalitarian space that the conference organisers created by encouraging free flowing conversations between presenters and attendees and inviting attendees to share personally, the balmy weather and seven tropical sunsets helped create a splendid and healing atmosphere. But the deep healing and radiant tranquillity that Findhorn residents, attendees and presenters alike talked about feeling during the conference seemed to imply the presence of something more. In the run up to the event, conference organisers invited all participants to be open to the participation of their deceased loved ones. Perhaps friends other side of the physical divide were contributing their part to the success of the conference and the efforts to bring heaven to earth.

Thomas Miller
for the Communications Team

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