Findhorn Resource People

All around the world people who have been touched by the spirit of Findhorn share their inspiration with others. Many who know the Foundation well tune into the role more formally by joining the global network of Resource People, a thriving online community more affectionately known as the RPs. Currently numbering 176 in total and located in 33 countries ranging from Canada in the north and Australia in the south, there’s a strong cluster in Europe and Japan, and many regions in between.

RPGatheringJune2012Since the earliest days of the community, the founders sat in meditation to connect with the Network of Light, and every Thursday at 2pm you’re welcome to join the RP meditation and connect on the inner from whichever time zone you’re in. To find a resource person near you visit our website or if you’re interested in becoming an RP please email for more details.

Thomas Miller
for the Communications Team

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