Celebrating Reiki in Community Life

Connection, interconnectedness and an honouring of all life are themes that come up often in conversation with Reiki practitioners who’ve chosen a pathway of service within the Findhorn Foundation community. They believe the principles of Reiki resonate strongly with the fundamental values of this community.

At the heart of community life are core principles of co-creation with nature, taking time to be quiet and seek within for guidance, and seeing service or work as love in action.

Prem Pavitra and Jacqueline Buckingham

Prem Pavitra (left) and Jacqueline Buckingham

Former TV executive Jacqueline Buckingham, who facilitates programmes and workshops in the Foundation, says, “One of the most significant things that Reiki taught me is that everything is connected. The understanding that everything is moving energy and is interacting with everything else has become a cornerstone of my spiritual journey. It is a truth that I am conscious of every single day. Whatever I do has an effect on everything around me, so I need to be mindful of what I do and the intention behind it and that is how I see people behaving at Findhorn too.

“When I first came to the Foundation and heard about the way that the founders communicated and collaborated with nature, it was a way of working with nature that made perfect sense to me. The animals and birds here are incredibly trusting of humans. I believe that this is because the residents are very mindful of their impact on others and always try to be loving and compassionate. The birds and animals sense it and know they are safe.”

After completing her Reiki studies, instead of following her original plan of teaching Reiki Jacqueline found herself being drawn to use this energy more to clear rooms and buildings, and especially areas of land.

She adds that Reiki also taught her to trust her intuition more and more, her biggest challenge being to ignore her doubting mind! “This same challenge of self-doubt came up when I first began to study interspecies communication. However, Reiki has helped me here too, as I trust the feelings that I get when I communicate with an animal or plant, knowing that we are connected at an energetic level.”

Melissa Godbeer, who spearheads research and development for the Findhorn Foundation College, the community’s accredited training wing, is considering running bespoke Reiki initiation and training in the coming years (anyone interested in getting involved in Reiki within the community can contact Melissa Godbeer at ). As a Reiki Master she recognises many common threads between her Reiki training and a diversity of learning opportunities offered at the Foundation.

Melissa Godbeer

Melissa Godbeer

“Both pathways are about surrender to a wider, more whole frequency of love, acceptance and letting go. Both the community and Reiki allow for and induce acceptance of what needs healing and proactively engage with the healing process. And both ask of its initiates to trust.”

She says the community invites participants to trust in their own inner connection and attunement to life, while with Reiki there is trust that one can heal, trust that one has the connection to the cosmos that allows for universal healing, and trust that once called one can offer one’s self as a conduit for the healing process for others and the Earth.

“Reiki and the Findhorn community and ecovillage support people to expand this trust field into selfless service. The community to me is essentially a Healing Biotope: it is a field developed over time to support and induce the evolution of consciousness. Reiki is essentially a healing modality that supports and induces the transformation of physical, emotional and mental discord in one’s self, in group settings, and when utilising distance healing that could aid political and planetary crisis issues. “In a way Reiki is like a midwife – birthing people into the world of the healing arts, as many go on to qualify in a variety of additional healing practices; birthing people into the self responsibility of one’s life path; and into the world of surrendering into something bigger than one’s ego.”

A theme of Reiki is the honouring of all life

A theme of Reiki is the honouring of all life

Melissa offered me a Reiki treatment and I was surprised by the power and intensity of the insights I was gifted with. I headed back out into the world with greater peace and clarity.

Fellow community member Prem Pavitra, a 24-year-old intern for the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), says Reiki has been a profound influence in her life.

“It has been one of my entrances into a more subtle way of self-care. I remember during my initial Reiki training I had tears streaming down my face as I felt a rush of love coming into my system, softening my emotions, softening my body. It was a deep and intimate experience for me, and I hold it very dearly in my heart.

“The Findhorn community nourishes me and shows me more and more the kind of life that I want for myself: living closer to friends, with deeper connections; living closer to the land, more in tune with nature. In my experience, Reiki and the Findhorn Foundation help individuals become more in tune with their own truth and inner realities, but these are such personal experiences that I find it best to suggest that each person experiences it firsthand.”

Geoff Dalglish (story and photos)

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