Findhorn inspires Brazilian community initiative

Lack of money, social barriers, fear of going new places, doubts about whether or not it was possible: all of them dissolved into nothing piece by piece as the Brazilian group Destino Colaborativo (Collaborative Destination) manifested its goal of journeying to the Findhorn Foundation to participate in an Experience Week.

Patricia Stanquevisch with Thomas Miller

Patricia Stanquevisch with Experience Week focaliser Thomas Miller

For the group’s organiser, Patricia Stanquevisch, this was not the first journey of manifestation. In a personal odyssey reminiscent of this community’s founders and many other spiritual pioneers, she began by answering a call to leave her old life of teaching at a university. Her inner guidance told her that she would help erect a centre of light in Brazil. After she followed its call to visit sacred sites around the world, including the Findhorn Foundation, she became involved with a social experiment, Laboriosa 89, essentially a house (its name is the house’s street address) that anyone who signed up on the group webpage could use at any time for any reason for any amount of money. The project not only worked, it brought people together who otherwise might never have met because of class barriers. Experiencing Laboriosa 89 was invaluable, she says, as it taught her “to be open to more exposure, to organising money and allowing groups to organise spontaneously.”

Cluny Hill garden steps

Cluny Hill garden steps leading to lower lawn

This understanding served her well when her inner guidance next told her to bring a group to Findhorn. “I was frustrated,” she recalls, “because I couldn’t find anyone with money who wanted to come.” But following an inner prompting she created a Facebook page to attract a group. She called it Destino Colaborativo. “It had 120 subscribers on the first day,” she remembers, “now, it has 1250.” Many people did not come themselves but supported the group in other ways. “Many people donated their services, intuitively attracted to the project.”

Immediately, she notes, “Things happened to destabilise me. I felt unready, weak. But people also came, encouraging me.” Some prospective participants dropped out as their inner processes threw up barriers. Others with seemingly no chance managed to manifest the means and came.

In July Destino Colaborativo participated in an all-Brazilian Experience Week, along with a different group, principally associated with UNIPAZ (an education initiative that May East and Craig Gibsone helped to land in Brazil). The groups managed to integrate well with each other and enjoyed an energetic and moving week. Their group angel was Faith.

The end of the week brought Patricia to an inner threshold. Doubts and personal crises arose overnight. Wondering what her next step could be, she went to the Main Sanctuary to inquire of her soul. Her familiar soul’s voice, she explained, said that it understood she was tired, but wanted her to continue. But then she felt other presences. “I saw Eileen,” she remembers, “she said ‘I would like to help your development.'”

Destino Colaborativo group

The group having fun singing at a community Open Mic evening

Then another presence came to her: the devic intelligence of the community she feels called to manifest in Brazil. This presence did not sound like her soul at all, and conveyed great strength and purpose. “The deva said ‘Don’t be afraid even if others think you’re crazy. Now the stream exists. It’s now that we’ll establish a fast connection like downloads – you now don’t have to enter meditation to receive information.'” It added a request to make a physical space in her house to connect Destino Colaborativo with Findhorn. She also recognised that Destino Colaborativo’s community DNA includes the three principle spiritual practices that the Findhorn community developed.

Reflecting on her most powerful learnings from her journey so far with Destino Colaborativo, she mentions her new understanding of abundance. “Abundance is having the right amount at the right time.” Regarding money, “I learned that other energies are more powerful than money, and that I can take power over it. You don’t have to think about it, really. Think of what you have to do, not the money you need to pay for it.”

Destino Colaborativo group outside Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill

The Destino Colaborativo group
outside Cluny Hill

Destino Colaborativo’s story of seemingly improbable manifestation bears a strong family resemblance to the Foundation’s. Coming as it does during the Foundation’s change process the visit of the Destino Colaborativo deva is an inspiring reminder of the power of the new world that we in this centre are helping to manifest in physical form.

To learn more about Destino Colaborativo, visit their website and facebook page.

Thomas Miller

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