GEN+20 up and running

Celebrating 20 years of a worldwide movement that had its birth here at the Findhorn Foundation, more than 250 delegates from the four corners will converge on The Park to mark, celebrate and devise new ways to carry forward the Global Ecovillage Network’s vision to optimise sustainable development strategies for whole societies around the planet.


Some of the participants arrived on Saturday as Saturday and Sunday were devoted to the business of the GEN-Europe and GEN-International General Assemblies. Saturday evening we all gathered in the Universal Hall for the first time to welcome in and anchor the energy that is the GEN movement.

When you walk into this room you know you are with family, no matter what our differences, where we’re from or what our challenges are, we are all family.

Linda Joseph, GEN delegate


Monday morning and into the afternoon the rest of the summit participants flood in to The Park and it is a hubbub of old and new faces joyfully connecting with each other again. Tonight, we gather again in the Universal Hall to officially mark this second decade of the existence of GEN.

The hall is full to bursting with some 300 participants as Robin Alfred, our MC for the evening, welcomes us with the Findhorn custom of a moment of silence, followed by another long-held Findhorn custom of lighting the centrepiece candle. Robin invites the oldest and the youngest participants in the room to together carry out this brief ritual, and then we are under way…

Two and a half hours later we reluctantly bring proceedings to a close with a sacred dance. It’s been a great evening of sharing, connection, honouring GEN’s founders, revitalisation, impulsing…

And you can join us – wherever you are.

The GEN Summit is being web streamed by the Findhorn Foundation
and you can join us on-line live or watch sessions later on demand so you won’t miss a thing.

Go here to register, log in to the GEN stream and join us.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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Chris Brown

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