Findhorn Presenters Win Kindred Spirit Awards

It’s time to celebrate! Kindred Spirit, the UK’s leading guide to mind body and spirit, has given two of its top awards to presenters linked to the Findhorn Foundation. Robert Holden won this year’s Mind Body Spirit Personality Award while the magazine presented its Spiritual Writer Award to Anita Moorjani.

RobertHolden2013Robert Holden has a close relationship with the Foundation, having participated in the 2012 Love, Magic, Miracles conference and returned to give keynote speeches at two other conferences and to give a highly popular series of workshops. Robert has promoted the work of the Foundation for years, is a Findhorn fellow and loves to bring his family along when he visits the community. He has written ten books on happiness and success, has conducted happiness and success trainings in several top companies, runs a leadership training organisation and led a programme called The Happiness Project that an independent panel of scientists determined was effective in making participants more happy, even reorienting their brains towards more happiness. Robert will be in Findhorn later this year with Loveability – Learning How to Love and Be Loved.

AnitaMoorjani2015Anita Moorjani will be giving a presentation via videolink at the September We Do Not Die conference here in the Foundation. Dying of cancer with lymph node tumours the size of lemons throughout her body, she had a Near Death Experience after which her body quickly and completely healed. She travels worldwide sharing her message that love is the fundamental reality, that we are free to live fearlessly and that our emotional states are what cause disease. She is the author of the best-selling book Dying To Be Me.

The Findhorn Foundation joins Kindred Spirit in celebrating the wonderful work these two people do in the world.

Thomas Miller

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