Dorothy Maclean – 95 years young

Community co-founder Dorothy Maclean celebrates her 95th birthday today.

Her presence as she walks through The Park each day, taking her exercise and stopping frequently to enjoy the surroundings, is still an inspiration to many of us, as is her enduring legacy of connection with the intelligence of nature.

DorothyMacAlanWF2015-01-01It was during the early pioneering days that Dorothy communicated with the overlighting intelligence of the Nature kingdom, a practice which has become enshrined in the Findhorn Foundation’s three core principles of inner listening, service as love in action, and co-creation with the intelligence of nature.

While no longer active in the hubbub of daily Foundation life, she remains dedicated to following a path of love and service, her common mantra being “I just do what God wants me to do.”

Dorothy lives in the community and is seen attending many community gatherings and activities. She helped celebrate this year’s Polar Bear Swim arranged by long-standing Findhorn Community member Alan Watson-Featherstone, where the photo alongside was snapped just a few days ago.

Happy birthday Dorothy! With lots of love and blessings.

Chris Brown

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