Black leopard reaching out to humans

A magnificent black leopard named Spirit is reaching out to millions through a YouTube clip, taken from the full-length documentary The Animal Communicator.


Spirit, the black leopard

The formerly abused animal, that had known the worst of human behaviour while a captive in a European zoo, is now living in a more spacious predator sanctuary in South Africa and touching hearts and minds with his real and virtual presence.

A pilot version of the film previewed in Findhorn’s Universal Hall before the documentary’s public launch and during the past few months the video clip has gone viral and enjoyed more than two million viewings.

It showcases the inspiring work of South African interspecies communicator Anna Breytenbach who demonstrates that modern humans can talk to animals and have them talk back, just as their ancestors and all indigenous people did routinely.

“You have to have a quiet mind and an open heart,” she explains. “It is a conversation in unconditional love.


Anna camping out in South Africa's Knysna Forests

“Animals pick up our emotions which tend to be more authentic than thoughts – you can’t fake it with animals; you can’t lie to them.”

While she has been swamped with telephone calls, emails, messages and fan mail, the 13-minute YouTube video clip is adding enormous and welcome credibility to her role as a bridge between the species. “There’s a great awakening,” she says.

“The best thing about the response is that people are inspired to start communicating with their own animals right away. My advice is: ‘Definitely DO try this at home, folks!’

“The flipside personally is the gruelling travel/teaching schedule. There are organisers in 39 countries clamouring to host workshops, but we simply can’t get to most of them. In 2016 we’re taking a break from physical workshops to write, research and develop online learning materials that will serve more people globally with less impact on our precious planet’s resources.”


Anna with Geoff Dalglish at an elephant park

Later this year Anna returns to the Findhorn Foundation, which she regards as a pioneer of co-creation with nature, to co-host a six-day workshop on intuitive tracking and interspecies communication with legendary American master tracker Jon Young, who was her mentor.

As evidence of the huge upsurge in people’s desire to communicate with animals, the workshop, from 4-9 April, was fully subscribed within hours of being announced and the list of those hoping for a cancellation has also been closed.

“Jon and I are excited to be deepening the practicalities of intuitive sensing during this very holistic and experiential adventure. We’ve offered this journey in Germany, Botswana and the USA, so Findhorn is the first UK event.”

* You can watch the video of Spirit here, and a video of Anna giving a talk on interspecies communication in the Universal Hall in Findhorn here.

Geoff Dalglish

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