Celebrating Moya!

25 years generating over 2,000,000 Kwh (units) of Green Energy

It’s time to celebrate a community elder!​ Our first wind turbine Moya ​recently ​reached 25 years of age​. Over these many years she has watched the community grow along with our use of electricity at The Park.


Moya being installed in 1989

When John Talbot oversaw her arrival and installation in 1989, Moya stood on her own, capable of delivering up to 75kW of electricity to the community. There were times when this was enough to generate a small export, but by the mid-2000s Moya’s output could no longer satisfy the needs of the growing community in The Park and she was joined in 2006 by her three big (though younger) sisters.

Together, the four wind turbines are able to generate up to 750kW – ten times Moya’s capacity – when the winds are strong enough. In the 12 months to the end of October 2014 our wind turbines produced 15% more electricity than The Park consumed, making us a net exporter over this period.


Moya's three big sisters

At 25 years of age, Moya has been part of our community for longer than many of us living here. Twenty five years is a ripe old age for a wind turbine, and as with an ageing car, costly repairs are becoming more frequent. Findhorn Wind Park Ltd (FWP), who manage the wind turbines, had hoped to be able to replace Moya with a new turbine of larger capacity but this is not commercially viable at present. The result is that FWP are uncertain just how long Moya will remain with us.

So while she is still with us, let’s appreciate the presence of this elder in our community. Give thanks for her and the visionaries in New Findhorn Directions that worked to bring her here over 25 years ago.

Duncan Easter
for FWP

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