A New Story is happening…

Two years in the making … two years of preparation … two years to turn an idea into a reality!

Two years ago, during our 50th birthday year, some of the Findhorn Fellows who were here celebrating with us birthed the idea of what has become the New Story Summit. Since then a small dedicated team formed it into an event of worldwide proportions, with 335 participants from all continents responding to the call to gather at Findhorn to tell a new story for humanity.

Not so much an event, however, but more the first step of a movement. Stories unfold, and this story may well continue to unfold long after the summit itself has past. Want to know more? You can read more about it here, and sign up to participate in our live streaming (which is also recorded for later on-demand viewing) here.


We are all moving. Findhorn Fellow and long-term peace and environment activist Satish Kumar spoke of this during a talk he gave to the Community on Sunday afternoon. Satish, who as a young man famously walked from India to the nuclear capitals of Moscow, Paris, London and Washington on a pilgrimage of peace, sees the new story for humanity through the eyes of a pilgrim. We may call it part of a new story but in fact pilgrimage is timeless, and Satish reminded us to maintain the heart of a pilgrim – free of burdens and expectations and instead filled with trust – as we move into the new story for humanity.

This message resonated very strongly with film maker and Findhorn supporter Markus Werner, who recognises that he is on his own pilgrimage. A few years ago Markus made a film about the Findhorn Foundation, Follow The Rainbow To Findhorn, and in the spirit of the whole New Story Summit gift economy, he is willing to make it available not for sale, but as a gift during the summit.

Where will your rainbow lead you?

Chris Brown

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