Angel® Cards for the new age

It was back in the 1970s that Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler, both then resident here at Findhorn, were inspired to create and develop the Transformation Game®, with the first game being offered in 1978. At the same time they created the Angel® Cards, instrinsic to the game but which can also be used on their own. Joy and Kathy hand cut and collated each card and set back then, the first set being printed and published in 1981.

They returned to their native USA where they set up InnerLinks. The Foundation and InnerLinks enjoy a close relationship, and the Angel® Cards have become an ever-present in the community’s spiritual practice.

Angel Card AppWe are therefore delighted to share with you that the Angel® Cards have a new incarnation for the digital age as an App available on iTunes. You can read more details about this innovation on the Mind and Soul Network website here, and download the App by clicking on the image to the right.

Chris Brown

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