Findhorn PR nominated for Adventurer Award

Geoff Dalglish, PR for the Findhorn Foundation, has been nominated for a prestigious Adventurer of the Year award.

His nomination follows an epic 124-day, 1,600 mile (2,500km) walk through six European countries and four major mountain ranges as an ambassador for WILD10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress. It was held in Salamanca, Spain, during October last year.


Geoff is welcomed by the mayor of Salamanca

Wherever possible he followed in the tracks of migrating wolves and wrote dozens of blogs and features, many of which were published on the Findhorn website. (Click here to read the last one.)

The winner of the Nightjar Adventurer 2014 accolade will be announced in Cape Town on 8 May and nominees include a daring wingsuit flyer and a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) surfer who established three new world records, including one for the first official source-to-sea paddle down the River Thames and the fastest standing crossing of the English Channel.

“It’s a great privilege to be included in such adventurous company,” Geoff said, “but the important thing for me is that the nomination helps spread the message about the urgent need to respect and protect all other forms of life with which we share this beautiful planet; and to preserve – and even expand – our wild places.

“Rewilding is the new buzzword and it isn’t only the animals that need wilderness and wildness, with growing evidence that humanity depends on an immersion in nature for its health and well-being – we are all part of that interconnected and miraculous web of life.”

The theme of WILD10 was to make the world a wilder place and Geoff accepted an invitation to walk from Geneva to Salamanca, pioneering what could become an international hiking trail called El Camino Salvaje, or the Way of the Wild.

It was while staying at Findhorn that Geoff, a former motoring journalist and race driver, felt inspired to go from petrolhead to pilgrim and to walk with messages about treading more lightly and lovingly upon the Earth.


Geoff at the start of his epic walk

He started walking from the sacred Isle of Iona on 7 July in 2011 and had covered more than 8,700 miles (14,000km) – the equivalent of a third of the circumference of the planet, when he reached Salamanca and was treated to a mayoral reception on the day before the start of the World Wilderness Congress.

“Interestingly, there were so many threads linking Findhorn as the driving force behind WILD10. American Vance Martin was part of the original core group with co-founders Peter and Eileen Caddy, and he organised WILD3, the third World Wilderness gathering that officially opened Findhorn’s Universal Hall in 1983.

“At the same gathering was a young Alan Watson Featherstone, who later founded the Trees for Life charity which celebrates its 25th anniversary on 25 May.”

Geoff said that a requirement for the nomination was that the adventure be pioneering or perilous, and a South African or world first. “Ironically the most perilous thing we humans can possibly do is to continue living the way we have where our materialistic and destructive ways threaten all lifeforms, including our own. It is time we started living a new story of interconnectedness and co-creation with nature, which is one of the cornerstones of Findhorn philosophy.”


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