Animal Communicator Celebrates a Great Awakening

The idea that humans can talk to the animals and have them talk back to us is suddenly a breathtaking reality for many thousands of people worldwide who’ve watched a documentary about the work of an animal whisperer.

AnnaBreytenbachAnd more than anything it is the inspiring story of a formerly abused black leopard called Spirit that is touching hearts and minds; a 13-minute YouTube video going viral and enjoying more than 1.5-million viewings in a matter of weeks.

“There’s a great awakening,” says South African-born Anna Breytenbach, who returns to the Findhorn Foundation in May to offer four interspecies communications workshops (all fully booked) and to put the finishing touches to her book, Ask the Chicken!

Suddenly Anna has been catapulted onto the world stage and inundated with messages, questions, requests and even fanmail from people who’ve had a yearning to reconnect with the natural world – and didn’t know how to.

Funnily enough wide-screen blockbusters like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland have probably also helped popularise the idea of interspecies communication, although Anna laments the fact that so many are putting her on a pedestal and looking to her personally for guidance.

“So many have awakened to the idea that this is possible, although some don’t want to take personal responsibility for connecting with animals and nature, and look to somebody like myself to make the connection for them.

KidsElephant“Animal communication is not a gift,” she insists. “It is a natural ability that everybody has and is simply a matter of getting in touch with our intuition and accessing something that isn’t part of our everyday five-sensory reality.

“The First People and indigenous tribes like the San Bushmen and Native Americans were easily able to communicate telepathically with all of nature and didn’t consider this unusual.

“The shaman or medicine man would use these skills for the tribe’s benefit, to conduct healing or reach a major decision, while every person in the tribe had the ability to connect in non five-sensory ways with their surroundings; to know from the animals where they were, which was a good animal to hunt, or which plants would be medicinal, toxic or nourishing.”

Her passion is to mentor more communicators to help resolve the challenges of living harmoniously with the creatures with which we share this beautiful world.

AnnaBreytenbachHorse1“I’m not teaching people anything new,” Anna says. “I’m merely helping them remember what’s already within them and I think that it’s important to again experience a deep connectedness with nature. When we experience a direct empathetic connection with another being we’re much more inclined to understand the perspective of that animal and the challenges it faces, particularly at the hands of humans and what we are doing to this planet.

“Interspecies communication brings about mutual understanding and respect along with the possibility of co-creating solutions for even the most tricky situations where wildlife and humans come into conflict.”

In the YouTube clip, taken from the full-length documentary The Animal Communicator, Anna is called in to talk with a black leopard named Diablo after the animal had mauled the owner of a South African predator sanctuary, also refusing to emerge from its night shelter for months on end.

AnnaBreytenbachElephant2 Anna established that the former zoo inmate was deeply distressed by his past as well as negative associations around his name – diabolical and devilish.

To the astonishment of the sanctuary owner, Jurg Olsen, Anna described a two-way dialogue and told him things about the black leopard’s former tenure with a European zoo that only the animal could have shared. The details were subsequently confirmed.

Jurg, a former policeman, was seen fighting back tears when the animal emerged from its shelter and greeted him with a series of low growls. Feeling somewhat foolish and self-conscious, he told the animal that he was beautiful and would in future be known as Spirit – the spirit of the sanctuary.

“Remember that I grew up in a conservative environment and the idea of animals talking to us was never even thought of.” But he was adamant: “I can say without a doubt that there was an interspecies communication. I now respect Spirit for what he is and how he wants to be treated. He has changed my interaction and socialisation with the rest of our feline and human family very positively. As a result of our little altercation – I no longer have the full use of my left wrist – and the subsequent communication, I have been taught more about respect for the needs and feelings of humans and animals than in my whole life up until then.”

Anna Breytenbach and Dorothy Maclean

Anna with Findhorn community co-founder Dorothy Maclean

Anybody who does not believe in inter-species communication is missing out on an amazingly wonderful opportunity,” Jurg insists, admitting that he was totally overwhelmed by Spirit’s transformation. “He is a stunning cat, a great friend and a very powerful and wise being.”

The documentary film also introduces us to the work of American master tracker Jon Young, who was Anna’s mentor, and together they will host a workshop on intuitive tracking and interspecies communication in Findhorn in April 2015 – watch our website for details as bookings will open in a few weeks.

Visit Anna’s website.

Geoff Dalglish

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