Embracing new Possibilities


Where there is trust, there is no fear, no anxiety, no uncertainty!


MichaelRoads2014Author and spiritual teacher Michael J Roads, who will host a three-day event at the Findhorn Foundation on 21–23 June, says that humanity has no viable choice other than to move forward and embrace new possibilities and potentials.

“The old parameters of human endeavour are shifting, making way for new paradigms of experience,” he insists. “We have reached the place in the soul’s eternal journey where we either go onward with newness, or we recycle our stuck-ness once again. We have already done this! We either move forward consciously, or we subconsciously stagnate.”

He’s already well known to Findhorn audiences through previous visits and has published 17 books that have been translated into 16 languages, his teachings revolving around the theme of unconditional love and emotional completeness.

The 2014 Findhorn event is entitled Unconditional Love – Emotional Healing – The Meaning of Life and it will spotlight the need to trust and let go of fears.

“Our subconsciousness is filled with old fears. These fears constantly talk to us in our deeper thoughts, thereby undermining our capabilities and holding us in the stasis of our deepest fears. Our subconscious is not innovative – it clings to more-of-the-same. By its very nature, it will not and cannot take us into the new. When you consider that at least 90% of humanity lives 90% of their life in a subconscious state, then this clearly reveals the vulnerability of the human condition. To move into the new requires that we live consciously in the moment, not in the endless repetition of the past.

ClunyGardenBee2011“One powerful way to move past this deeply-implanted subconscious programme is trust. To follow our intuition or inner guidance we are required to release our doubts – and trust.” But what is trust, he asks?

“If trust is simply a word that you intellectually understand, the chances are that you have never truly experienced it. Trust is far more than any words can describe. The subconscious is totally incapable of trust. The left-brain cannot trust. Trust is something I talk about and teach in my seminars and Intensives – real trust. Trust is purely metaphysical, and until you consciously create it, you do not have it. Where there is trust, there is no fear, no anxiety, no uncertainty … trust is an expression of newness.”

He discovered at an early age that he had the ability to communicate with nature and to go beyond linear time and space, his books and seminars describing remarkable metaphysical journeys and a growing awareness. He states: “On this planet the potential timing to move to the next level has arrived … you have to consciously choose the next level. You are required to put into place in your life the conscious process that will take you there. It will never happen accidentally, or if you wait long enough, or if you try enough techniques maybe one will succeed. It does not work that way. The next level is a place of higher consciousness that can only be attained by being more fully conscious and aware.”

Geoff Dalglish

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