Forres and Findhorn are ecological trail blazers

Richard Lochhead, the MSP for Moray, paid tribute to the Findhorn Foundation community and its neighbours for taking a leadership role and “blazing a trail of sustainability and innovation” where many local people are making lifestyle choices that are destined to become mainstream in Moray and Scotland.

MorayCarshare7Speaking in Forres at the official launch of Moray Carshare, a pioneering community-based car club that includes two zero-emissions all-electric vehicles, he said: “At some stage, maybe in 20 or 30 years from now, we’ll take zero carbon and zero emissions for granted.”

The Scottish Government has thrown its full weight behind the local car club with generous grant funding and anticipates a steady growth in the car sharing movement that currently has 16 registered car clubs serving 21 Scottish communities.

In the space of less than seven years Park Carpool has evolved into Moray Carshare, which is intended to serve residents of the IV36 postal code area of Morayshire.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony he celebrated with his first-ever drive in an electric car, gliding silently without using a drop of fuel between Forres and the new charging station in The Park, which draws much of its energy from the Findhorn Wind Park. “The drive was momentous,” he enthused, describing the comfort and convenience of the Nissan Leaf, which was voted Europe’s Car of the Year.

MorayCarshare8He praised the Findhorn Foundation ecovillage and community for adapting their lifestyles to reduce their ecological footprint. Initiatives included the car sharing scheme, living in Eco homes, eating locally grown organic vegetables and harnessing clean energy from the wind turbines.

“It is a great story that you are joining all the dots to use the wind to generate energy that is helping to drive these cars.”

Geoff Dalglish

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