Global Policy Action Plan

In January 2013, as coordinator of the Findhorn Foundation Fellows group, Dr Roger Doudna wrote to the 40 Fellows who gathered in Findhorn for the weekend prior to the community’s 50th Birthday week. They were asked to vote on three Fellows’ initiatives that would ‘advance the sustainability agenda’ on a global basis.

GlobalPolicyActionPlanBrochure coverOf the 25 responses received, the one that easily received the most votes was that initiated by Jakob von Uexkull, Director of the World Future Council. It’s the WFC Global Policy Action Plan called Saving Our Shared Future: Best Policies To Regenerate Our World (click on the image to the right to read and download).

This plan emerged from a six year period of consultation with wise people all over the world and represents what Jakob believes is the minimum required to assure the sustainability of our planet for all the species that dwell upon it, including us, through this century and beyond.

The proverbial ‘rub’, especially where man-made climate change is concerned, is that “the minimum which is environmentally and scientifically necessary is more than the maximum which is politically feasible, or even thinkable” (Al Gore).

So, where does that leave us? We can do what most folks do and trust that technology, politicians, or maybe even God will save us from ourselves. Or we can join those who feel that we can help create a constituency for sustainability here and now.

As it happens, the recently revised Findhorn Foundation Trust Deed seeks, among other things, to advance ‘environmental protection and sustainability’, here and elsewhere, so the Foundation feels an affinity with Jakob’s initiative. The idea is that together we will promote and share this initiative and that Jakob himself will report the results to the New Story Summit here in September 2014.

If you too feel an affinity with this global initiative, please do promote it with your elected representatives and share it with your networks.

Click on the images below to view two short films of Jakob
discussing the Global Policy Action Plan.


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