Dorothy Maclean – 94 years young

Community co-founder Dorothy Maclean celebrates her 94th birthday on January 7 and remains a wonderful source of inspiration for so many of us.

Dorothy Maclean ©Findhorn Foundation

In the earlier years...

Each day she attends morning meditation in the Sanctuary and come rain, snow or sunshine she enjoys a walk through The Park, using two sticks and stopping often to catch her breath and take in her surroundings. “I’m a Canadian – I love the snow,” she says by way of explanation.

Her ready smile is legendary and as the sole surviving co-founder we revere her as a friend, teacher and reminder of the early pioneering days when she famously communicated with the overlighting intelligence of the Nature kingdom, receiving practical messages about what to plant, where and when.

Often I’ve been lucky enough to share time with her and a recent highlight happened last month when Bookings co-focaliser Sarah Mason and I decided on an impromptu outing to Findhorn Beach. Crossing a dune and negotiating a path along the uneven, pebbled beach was a major physical challenge, but our Dorothy was undeterred: “I haven’t done this in years,” she enthused.


... and at the annual polar bear swim on New Year's day

Later over hot chocolates at the Blue Angel Cafe she confided that she isn’t too keen on birthdays and laments her increasing forgetfulness, although she has lost none of her zest for life and shows an undiminished curiosity and appreciation for the world around her – and especially the beauty of nature.

Asked if she had any goals in her 95th year, Dorothy smiled that familiar radiant smile and insisted: “No goals. I just do what God wants me to do.”

Casting her mind back a half century to the modest beginnings at the Original Caravan, she explained: “God told me that I needed to tune into the Nature spirits. Otherwise we would never have been in contact with the Devas and might just have been a meditation group.”

Dorothy’s example of co-creation with the intelligence of Nature remains one of the cornerstones of the Findhorn Foundation community, although now in this phase of her life, it is her strength of character and determination to continue following a path of love and service that inspires so many of us.

Happy Birthday Dorothy!

Geoff Dalglish

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