Findhorn Forgiveness Conference 2013 – Roger McGowen Message

Forgiveness – By Roger McGowen

Forgiveness! It is a thing that we all love to hear, especially if we are on the receiving end. It frees us from guilt and allows us to own our mistakes and face what we have buried under our hearts.

It’s not so easy for many people to forgive. How can we ask mothers and fathers to forgive the murders of their children? How can we ask children to forgive those who were supposed to protect them but instead abused them?

Forgiveness is not always easy and we can all understand that. But when we do forgive someone for the wrongs they have committed against us, we are never as close to God as we are at that moment. When we forgive, we transcend our humanity and become one with the divine – and with those three words we send out a healing balm that soothes like cool water on a hot day. ‘I forgive you’ sets us free from self-confinement because when we choose not to forgive we lock ourselves outside of our own hearts and close the door to divine connection. By not forgiving, we deny the person who needs forgiveness the opportunity to correct their wrongs and re-connect with the divine.

I think the measure of our spiritual consciousness is gauged by our willingness to forgive. We ask God to forgive us for the many transgressions we commit daily but yet, we can’t – or sometimes won’t – forgive our brothers and sisters of the perceived wrongs they have committed towards us.

Forgiveness is a personal decision one must come to on one’s own. No one can be forced to forgive someone. What if God had to think about whether or not we deserve forgiveness before giving it to us? We wouldn’t feel the same about forgiveness, would we?

In closing I can only say this: Forgiveness is healing. It cures the heart of heaviness, the mind of turmoil and the soul of longing. It allows the lungs to breathe easier and love to flow freely. How can we deny that to another?

We must remember that only God can judge, and he is judging on how often we forgive. Heal the world through forgiveness. At some time in our lives, we will all need to be forgiven.

With love, Roger

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