Findhorn Forgiveness Conference 2013 – Final

The Findhorn autumn conference 2013 – Forgiveness, The Great Undoing finished on Friday evening, 4 October.

Looking back both of us have a strong sense of how blessed both we and the conference were. There were times when we could palpably feel another energy carrying us.

RobinShohetIlsemarieWeber2013-2The highlight for many was the grief ritual on Wednesday led by Sobonfu Some – attended by almost 200 people as we had many from the community as well as the conference participants. We put it in the middle of the week to ensure that there were another two days to integrate, and on the Friday we finished with an appreciative inquiry where we looked at high spots in the conference and how the conference might have enriched our lives.

After that we asked participants to write an appreciative letter to themselves and give it to another participant who would post it to them in a couple of months as a reminder. In the evening we finished with the genius of Lesley Quilty the clown who gave us an opportunity to really laugh followed by a celebratory ceilidh with live music.

There have been so many people to thank and appreciate starting with the Foundation itself which consistently does such an amazing job in hosting conferences and whose members carried us with their support and goodwill.

The presenters, coming just for expenses, who met together with us to create a supportive container, wonderfully chaired by Ben Fuchs; hosts, workshop leaders, integration space leaders and of course the participants who were willing to be ‘undone’ and give themselves to the experience; thank you all for helping to create a sense of community for the week.

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With much love and gratitude.

Ilsemarie Weber & Robin Shohet

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